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Roommate (chapter 21)

kyumin hawaiiii
Title: Roommate (chapter 21)
Pairings: Kyumin, Haehyuk, Yewook
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, drama, angst
Summary: Two boys live on the same room, with different past and family background. One is come from an elite family while the other is an orphan. Will love bloom between them? Or it will be the worst years in their life?


Normal POV

The group reach the nearest restaurant in no time, even though they could feel that their fans was still following them but decide to let them be, because even though they ask them not to disturb them, they know that their fans will still following them. They walk into the restaurant and sit on the table far away from the window and quickly make their order. “So, where did you guys go?” Eunhyuk ask, breaking the silence, make the person next to him choke up his drink.

“Hy-Hyukkie…” Donghae shuttered, “W-We’re just go to the toilet, that’s all” he reasoned, looking at the other to help him from this situation.

“I already know that you are lying, Hae… remember that you are a bad liar?” Eunhyuk eye him suspiciously, make Donghae gulp up his saliva.

He sigh and rub the back of his head, “Yeah… I know that I can’t lie to you, baby…” he started, “We just following you two… you know, we couldn’t leave you two alone… remember the last time we did and you guys ended up on the hospital bed?”

Eunhyuk nodded his head, of course he remember… that time was the first time they break up after being together for a long time, “I’m very thankful of that, Hae… but you know… me and Sungmin-hyung can catch up later”

Donghae just hold at his hand and smile at him brightly, “What’s done is done, baby… let see on the positive way. Sungmin already try to trust you, right?” Eunhyuk look at him before nodded happily.

“Are you done, guys?” Kyuhyun speak up for the first time since they reach the restaurant, “You know that we are not a wall here” he tease them, “And Eunhyuk-hyung… we are just trying to help you, that’s all… beside we’re following you two everytime so nothing bad will happened like the last time…” Kyuhyun reasoned, knowing why Eunhyuk brought up this subject in the first time.

“Now… now… let’s just eat, shall we?” Ryeowook said, when he see the waitress approach them with their order on his hand. He place their food on the table before excused himself.

They eat their order calmly, sometime talking to each other or laughing at one’s silliness. After finishing their food, they come out from the restaurant, walking around the zoo when Yesung and Ryeowook excused themselves to go to toilet. “Just go first, we’ll go after you” Yesung said before leaving the four of them.

“We’ll wait for you on the parking lot, hyung!!” Eunhyuk shouted, Yesung just wave his hand without looking back at them, signaling that he understand what Eunhyuk mean.

After Yesung and Ryeowook leaving to the toilet, the four of them continue to go to the parking lot. Donghae and Eunhyuk was walking on the front while Kyuhyun and Sungmin was walking not too far away from them, Sungmin holding Kyuhyun hand tightly as if afraid that Kyuhyun would disappear if he loosen his hold.

“Hyung…” Eunhyuk turn around, facing Sungmin while continue to walk backward, “Are you enjoying today?” he said, excited. Sungmin look at him then at Kyuhyun who smile back at him before nodded his head, “You see the rabbit? It so small and fluffy, you like it, right?” again, a nod was his answer.

“Hyukkie, if you continue to walk like this, you will bump into something” Donghae said, making Eunhyuk to twirled and facing to the front, “Now, it’s better than earlier”

“But Hae~ I want to talk to Sungmin-hyung!”

“But, if you doing that I’m afraid that you’ll bump into something. Why not just go to his side and talk than talking and walking backward like that, hm?” Eunhyuk made a face before dragging Donghae to walk behind the other couple, “Yah! Lee Hyukjae! What if I fall!” he half yelled, clearly shocking when Eunhyuk drag him.

“You are the one who said that I should walk beside him, right?” Eunhyuk look at him with his made up innocent face. Donghae who see this just growled and give up, “Love you Hae” he stand on his tiptoes and peck Donghae’s cheek and the latter just look away while tighten his hold on Eunhyuk hand, which make Eunhyuk to smile victoriously.

‘That Lee Hyukjae! He really know that I weak of that kind of things’ Donghae thought to himself, eyeing Eunhyuk who was now grinning at Sungmin.

“Hyung! When will you live with us?” Eunhyuk asked hopefully, looking at Kyuhyun before looking back at Sungmin, as if asking Kyuhyun to help him.

“I… I don’t know” Sungmin whispered, “I still… didn’t feel familiar with my own parents… I’m sorry” he unconsciously tighten his hold on Kyuhyun hand, looking down when he finish saying it. Sensing the distress on his lover, Kyuhyun rub the back of Sungmin’s hand using his thumb.

Eunhyuk smile bitterly after hearing this, he let go of Donghae’s hand and stand in front of Sungmin, making the latter to bump into him slightly, “It’s okay hyung… there’s nothing to be apologized for” he lift Sungmin chin to look at his eyes and hold his shoulder, “I ah I mean we understand that and you know, our house door always opened for you anytime if you want to come back” Sungmin look at him in the eyes and nodded his head, giving Eunhyuk a small smile which make the latter to smile brightly.

“Thank you”

“Your welcome, hyung!” he let go of Sungmin and walk back to Donghae, telling his boyfriend that he want to buy a rabbit and raised it by himself.

“I’m glad that you willing to open up, Minnie…” Sungmin look at his side when he hear it, “Sometime I’m afraid that I couldn’t make you open up to our friend after what had happened these days” he chuckled bitterly, “But I’m wrong… it wasn’t just me who want you to open up… there’s umma, appa, noona and our friend… everyone want you to get better… and especially yourself” Kyuhyun look at Sungmin face who was now looking at him with tears glimmering on his eyes, “And I’m glad that you are willing to open up… to get better”

“I’m sorry”

Kyuhyun turn around, facing him while thumbing the tears away from his lover cheeks, “It’s okay… just as what Eunhyuk-hyung said… there’s nothing to be apologized for” he hug Sungmin before kiss him on the forehead. “I love you, hyung” Sungmin circled his hand on Kyuhyun waist and buried his face on Kyuhyun chest.


“What take him so long” Eunhyuk huffed, crossing his hand on his chest while leaning on the car and his other hand was holding a small can of coke. It’s been 20 minutes since they arrived at the parking lot and waiting for Yesung and Ryeowook to come back from the toilet, “And he didn’t answer my call”

“Just wait for a little while, Hyukkie… maybe there’s a lot of people there so they have to wait” Donghae said not too far away from him, “Let’s wait inside…” he open the door and sit on the back side. Sungmin and Kyuhyun was already sit on the very back of the seat since they arrived.

Eunhyuk huffed once again, “I’ll throw the can first” he shake the can slightly, signaling that it was empty, after he see Donghae nodded his head he walk to the nearest dustbin. He throw the can away and was about to come back to the car when he feel someone circling their hand on his neck, “Hae!” he quickly yelled before that person covering his mouth, forbid him to make more sound but it was late because Eunhyuk’s voice was loud enough to make Donghae come out from the car.

“Let him go!” he shouted.

Hearing the noise from outside of the car, knowing what had happened outside of the car, Kyuhyun look at Sungmin who was trembling and hold his hand tightly, “Hyung… I need to help Donghae-hyung…” Kyuhyun said slowly, hopefully that Sungmin would understand what he mean but what he got was a head shake, “Please… you didn’t want something happened to Eunhyuk-hyung, right?” Sungmin look unsure before he nodded his head slowly, “So please…” he look down to his feet before slowly let go of Kyuhyun hand, “I’ll be back” he kiss the top of Sungmin’s head to reassuring him before get out of the car.

Donghae was still trying to make that person to let go of Eunhyuk but that person still didn’t budge at all. He was about to went straight to them when another person come and pointed a gun to Eunhyuk’s head, “Stop or I’ll blow his head!” that man threatened.

Kyuhyun extended his hand, blocking Donghae to make any move, “We need to calm, hyung” he said calmly.

Hearing the calmness on the other voice, Donghae turn to Kyuhyun and grab his collar, “Calm!! Calm you say! What if it was Sungmin who being held by them!” he shouted.

“I understand what you feel! You need to be calm or they will fire the gun on Eunhyuk-hyung!” Kyuhyun shout back, make the other to slowly let go of his collar.

“Enough!” one of the man shouted, “Cih, how pathetic” the man mocked. He look at the two of them and smirk before slowly he back away from them, still holding Eunhyuk on his hand. “Don’t move!” he shouted when he see Donghae move a little, “You don’t want our little blondie here get hurt, right?”

“What do you want!” Donghae shouted move forward but Kyuhyun quickly hold his hand, “Damn it Kyuhyun!” he shouted.

“Don’t be too reckless hyung… we need a plan or Eunhyuk-hyung will get hurt” he whispered. Donghae look at him before he shift his eyes to Eunhyuk who was looking at him helplessly.

Donghae balled his hand and look down, “Damn it!”

Seeing the other two wouldn’t move even just an inch, the two man start to back away while looking at them closely. One of the man tighten his hold on Eunhyuk, afraid that he would get away while the other still pointing a gun on Eunhyuk’s head.

‘Hae-ah…’ Eunhyuk thought when he see his boyfriend couldn’t do anything to save him, ‘Hae-ah… I’m sorry…’ he blink the tears away from his eyes, his vision become blurred because of his tears he blinking again and more tears falling from his eyes when he see Donghae look at him, anger, love, hopeless, and disappointment could be seen from his eyes like an open book, ‘Don’t blame yourself…’

Donghae look at Eunhyuk in the eyes, he understand what the meaning of that look, Eunhyuk didn’t want him to blame himself but he just couldn’t, this is the second time he put his boyfriend in danger and he couldn’t do anything to save him.

“Don’t move” Donghae head snapped up when he hear a familiar voice. There, on the back of that man was Yesung, pointing two gun at each man, “Let him go or your head would be blown away” the seriousness on his voice make Donghae shivered, he never hear Yesung talk like this before.

The two man stop right away, his hold on Eunhyuk tighten, “H-He’ll never do that… h-he just want to make us scared” one of the man said, “I bet that he couldn’t––“


That man stop talking, suddenly feel pain on his right cheek and he could tell that it was bleeding right how. “Oops… my hand slipped” Yesung said, “But I’m sure that the next bullet will go through your head if you didn’t let him go” he touch the man head with his tip of his gun. “Well except if you let him go”

Feeling threatened by Yesung’s word, the man quickly let go of Eunhyuk make the latter to quickly go to Donghae’s side and hug him tightly, muffled of sob could be hear from him, his body is trembling for fear and Donghae just could hold him tight and whispering some comforting words to him, trying to ease the fear from his boyfriend.

After let go of Eunhyuk, the two man quickly run away from that place, one of the man was holding his bleeding cheeks and they quickly get into one car where, Yesung can see, another man was waiting for them.

“What take you so long, hyung? And where is Wookie-hyung?”

 Yesung look at the magnae and shrugged his shoulder, “I’m aware that they had been following us since the beginning and I think that they will do their action when there are less people around Eunhyuk and for Wookie… he was hiding on the other side of the car and maybe he was with Sungmin now” he explain calmly.

“So the toilet thing was just an excuse?” his question was answered with a shrug.

“Hyung…” Donghae called, “How did you know how to use a gun?” he look at him with a lot of curiosity. “Could you… teach me”

Yesung look away from him and sighed hard, “I’ll tell you when we arrived at your house… it was a really long story”


“You stupid!!” Mr. Kim yelled, throwing different things at the three man who was standing in front of him, “Why don’t you just take him with you!!”

“B-Boss… even when he was alone, that boy is always around him so we couldn’t get away when he yelling for him and there is another boy who pointing a gun at us and––“ the man words was cut off when a hard book was being thrown at him.

“You three are so stupid!!! How could you lose a chance when that boy was alone!! You are having fun playing a kidnapper thing and forget about your job!!” he throw himself at his own chair, he massage his temple slightly, “How could I give this job to you three”

“But Boss there are––“


“Come in!”

A black haired man with a formal attire come into the room, holding a map in his right hand, “Boss, this is the file you are asking for” he handed the map to Mr. Kim, “Just like I thought, the other boy didn’t died on that fire and I already search for him” he opened the map, there was a lot of information and a photo of a boy with light brown eyes with doe eyes who was smiling slightly beside the blonde boy around his age.

“We’ll change our target” he suddenly said after reading the information, “I’m sure that it’ll be hard for us to get that blonde boy after today accident. They’ll put up their defense around him beside I’m sure that the other boy would come to us if we get this boy and we’ll get double strike with this and the Lee company will be destroyed with the death of their heir” he look at the black haired man I front of him before laughing evilly.

“B-But Boss…” one of the three man –who drive the car– build up his courage to speak up.


“B-But… I see that Young Master is with them”


It's been a long time since I update~~
things seems so hard last month, paperwok and college has been make me busy since last month, so I haven't get a time to continue my story... I'm sorry *deep bow*

Okay, here is the next chapter os Roommate...
I'm a bit disapointed though but I hope that you will like it~~ *praying hard*
Happy reading everyone~~
See you again on the next chapter~~ *waving hand and vanish like a ninja*


Apr. 16th, 2012 11:03 am (UTC)
yesung so cool when he threatened the kidnapper with his gun.....he's really good with a gun.....he has a sharp eyes.....knows somebody are following them......
with this incident, there's no way they will let hyukie alone....especially hae......he almost lost his lover for a second time......his protectiveness must be double now....he will protect his lover......
at the end, does it meant that yesung's dad is the one behind these mess? why? does yesung knows about this? guess has to wait another update from you......thanks for sharing........
Apr. 22nd, 2012 01:32 pm (UTC)
yeah, he'll protect him from now on, hahaha

hmm? It'll explained on the next chapter~~
happy reading~~


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