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Everlasting Love (2/3)


Title: Everlasting Love (2/3)
Author: fumiyo92
Pairings: KyuMin, !slight TeukChul
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, angst
Summary: Sungmin is in love with Kyuhyun and Kyuhyun feel the same way.


Kyuhyun POV

I nudge her again and again but she wouldn’t woke up, feeling tired I decided to leave her but when I was about to step out of that park, I look back at her and seeing that she is still in the same position when I leave. The sky is dark already, I can’t bring myself to leave her alone there, what if there was some pervert guy passing by and seeing her sleeping like that and use the advantage to rape her? Aarrgh!! I can’t just leave her so that perverted man could eat her alive. So, I decided to come back and bring her to my house, my house not too far away from here just 2 blocks away. I piggyback her and start walking.

I knock on my door knowing that my sister is home and because I can’t take my key on my pocket. My sister opened the door and looks confused to see me, “Kyu? Don’t you bring your key?” she look at my back, “Who is she?” she step away to let me walk in.

“I don’t know, I meet her on the park” I walk in to my room and lie her down on my bed, “I thought she was sleeping but when I nudge her, she didn’t woke up”

Hearing that, she rushed t her side and started to checked on her, “You stupid!! She’s unconscious!!” she walks out of the room and on a few minutes she come back with something on her hands. She put it on her nose and after a few minutes, she reacted.

Her eyes opened slowly, revealing two chocolate orbs who look at us confusedly, “Where am I?” her voice is hoarse and her voice is a bit too deep for a girl. My sister rushed out and brings a cup of water and helps her to drink.

“You are in my house. I found you unconscious in the park” I said, hoping that she would understand and not give us a negative thinking.

“Ooh...” she whispered, she look so calm for someone who was just come out from unconsciousness, “What time is it?” he ask while looking at us with that doe eyes.

“7 p.m.”

“Omo!!” she yelped, “I should go home” she got up from my bed quickly but then she lost her balance and was about to fall to the floor which make me to rushed at her side and caught her on time.

“Are you okay?” I said worriedly when she palming her head and close her eyes tightly, leaning her body into mine.

“Yeah… just a little dizzy, that’s all” she replied after a while.

I help her to stand up and hold her until she can stand by herself, “Kyu, I think you should walk her home. Its night already, it’s not good for a girl to walk on the night alone beside I’m afraid that she will be pass out again” my sister ask me, I can see that she was worried about this girl well being.

“Okay… come on, I’ll walk you home” I said, holding her hand, afraid that she would fall again if I didn’t hold her.

“No, I can go home myself” she insisted, she look at us, letting go of my hand and bowing her body before walk out of my room.

I grab her hand and turn her around, holding her shoulder to make her looking at me, “Don’t you hear what my sister said earlier,  it’s not good for a girl to walk on the night alone, do you want to get molested by some perverted old man” beside I don’t mind to walk you home… e-eh?! Aish… what am I thinking right now!!!

“W-wait!! I’m a boy!!” she or should I say he yelled, letting go of my hand and look at us with surprised look.


“I’m a boy!!” he yelled. That’s make me shocked, he is a boy? B-but he looks like a girl and he is beautiful and cute too. How can such a beautiful and cute person be a boy?

“Are you sure that you are a boy?” I said, unsure about what she–– he said earlier. Maybe it was just her reason, so I couldn’t walk her home.

“Yes!! You want me to prove it” he put his hands on his pants and was about to unzip it but my sister caught his hands and stops him.

“No, no… we believe in you”

When he realize what he was doing, he blushed hard. Cute!!! I walk to his side, holds his hands and dragged him away. “I’ll walk you home” I insisted, drag him out of my room.

He struggled for a while and let go of my hand, “W-Wait!!” he turn around and facing my sister, “Thank you umm…” he look confused to call her.

“Ahra. My name is Cho Ahra”

“Ah, thank you Ahra-ssi” he bow his busy before walking away from my room

“I’ll take him home” I said and followed him.

“Be careful, Kyu!!” she shouted from inside of the house.

We walk out from my house and then he walk in front of me. We keep walking like that until he stopped and put his hands on his head again, seeing him stopped like that, I rushed to his side, afraid that he will pass out again, “Hey… are you alright?”

“I just a little dizzy” he try to walk again but he was about to fall if I didn’t caught him on time.

“Are you sure?” I asked him but he didn’t answer my question, he close his eyes tightly. It looks like he was in so much pain, “Hey… we can go back to my house and I’ll take you home tomorrow” I suggested, I’m sure that his family would understand if I say that he was so sick today and he have to sleep on my house until he was healthy enough to go home.

“N-no… I-I have to g-go home…” he insisted, still palming his head tightly.

I sigh hard seeing his stubbornness. I walk and stop in front of him and bended my body in front of him, “You can climb on my back. I know you can’t walk right if you are like this”

“B-but––” I glare at him and he climb on my back quietly; he rested his head on my shoulder and buried his face on my neck. It looks like his head is really hurts.

“Where is your home?”

“Just 1 block away from the park” he mumbled, “I don’t know your name yet”


“Ah… Kyuhyun-ssi thank you so much and I’m sorry you have to carry me like this”

“It’s alright, em…”

“Sungmin” he mumbled. Sungmin eh? Such a girly name for a girly boy.

We walk in silence until we reached his block, “Where?” I whispered not wanting to give him more headaches.

“The one with pink paint” he mumbled. He really like pink heh… but it’s cute anyway especially with the boy like him… I look around the area, trying to find his house and when I spotted it, I walk further to that direction.

 “You can put me down” he said, when I stop in front of his gate.

“Are you sure? I can carry you inside if you allow me to”

“N-no… beside its night already… you have to go home…” he insist, I let him to climb down from my back and he walks in and stops in front of his gate.

He turn around and look at me with a bright smile on his face, “Thank you, Kyuhyun-ssi. Hope we will meet again” he said.

“Of course we will” and I just stand there, waiting for him to walk inside of his house. I can’t leave him afraid that maybe he will pass out again.

I frowned when a few minutes later I still see him standing in front of his gate and he look  at me just as confuse as I am, “Mm… Kyuhyun-ssi… why aren’t you go home?” he ask confusedly. So… he was waiting for me to go home, eh?

“I’ll wait until you walk in. I’m afraid if I leave you, you will be pass out again” I reasoned.

I can see a red mark on his face after I said that and somewhat it make him look cuter, “O-okay then, night Kyuhyun-ssi” he bow his body before walk into his house.

I’ll wait until he close his door before walking back to my house. I hope we will meet again, Sungmin…


Sungmin POV

I walk in to my home, my head is still killing me. I was about to go upstairs when Heechul-hyung approached me. “Sungmin, are you okay? You look pale” he hold my shoulder and look at me worriedly.

“I’m okay, hyung. Just a little dizzy that’s all” I lied. I don’t want him to be worried about me anymore… he was already worried with just seeing me like this.

“Do you take your medicine?” he asked. I shake my head; I’m really tired to take a medicine 3 times a day, it does not like that thing can help me anyway…

He glare at me and drag me to the kitchen, he take out my medicine and put it in front of me with a glass of water. “Take it or I will force you” he looks at me closely until I drink the medicine. Sigh… I’m tired drinking it again and again… please hyung… I don’t want to drink it again…

After that, he walks me to my room. I refused it at first but he insisted, and help me lie down on my bed and he tuck me in like a baby. I don’t know why but he always treats me like a baby. Heechul-hyung and Leeteuk-hyung are the same, they always treat me like I’m 5 years old boy, but hey I’m 20 this year or… is it because of…. Sigh, I know they really care about me but I don’t want them to treat me differently. I close my eyes when he kiss my forehead, “Good night” he whispered before turn off the light and walk out of my room.

I rolled to my side and then I remember about Kyuhyun, I don’t know why but remembering him makes me smile. I don’t know what this feeling is but when I’m with him today I feel my heart beating really fast especially when he carry me home like that, I blushed hard when remembering that. I never feel like this before. Is it what they called love??

Kyuhyun POV

I lie down on my bed. I keep remembering about Sungmin since I get home from walking him to his house, he is so cute and beautiful and I don’t know why when I was with him I don’t even remember about Nana, I just forget about her. I rolled on my side and saw a pink bunny. I took it and look closely, it was Sungmin’s. I feel my smile wider; I have a reason to come to his house again. I hugged the bunny and sleep with smile on my face. Hmmm… I can smell Sungmin on this bunny…

Next Day

“Noona!! I’m leaving!!” I shouted from the front door, put on my shoes and walking out of the house.

“Be careful, Kyu!” She shouted back from inside the house.

I walk away from my house, bringing the pink bunny with me. I decided to give it back to Sungmin today plus I want to see him too. I keep walking while thinking about him, a few minutes later I arrived at his house. I knocked on his door and waiting. I knocked again and someone open the door. A beautiful woman opened it, no wonder he was so beautiful because his mother was beautiful too… but Sungmin is still more beautiful than her.

“Mmm… can I meet Sungmin?”

“Sungmin? Wait here” she walk in and shouted, “Minnie!!! Someone is searching for you!!!”

A few minutes later, I can hear a hurried footstep and in a while, Sungmin come out from his house, “Kyuhyun-ssi?” he titled his head and look at me confusedly.

I smile seeing him like this, “Ah… I just want to give this back to you” I give the bunny back to him, “You left it on my house”

“Ah!! I forgot!” he grab the bunny and hugged it, “Thank you for giving it back to me” he smile brightly and somehow it makes my hear become warm.

“Your welcome” I smile back. “Ah… I have to leave…” I said when I see my wrist watch. It nearly my work shift now. Sigh… I should have come here earlier…

“Where?” he pouted his lips, looking really annoyed because of that.

“I have to work”

“Can I go with you?” He said shyly. Eehh…??? I can feel my jaw dropped. “I want to take a walk, it’s so boring at home beside Heechul-hyung will go out with Leeteuk-hyung. So, I’m alone” he whispered, a red tint could be seen from his cheeks.

“But you have your sister, right?”

“Sister??” he look at me confusedly, I nodded my head. Yeah that beautiful sister who was opened the door for me earlier, I thought to myself, “I just have a brother” his answer make me to look at him confused.

“But the one who open the door for me earlier….” He burst into laughing after he hear my answer. Am I wrong?? What so funny??

“T-The one who opening the door is my brother” He said in the middle of his laugh. His brother? Aah… now I know where he got his beautiful and cute face…  and especially that girlish face of yours, Sungmin-ssi…

“Come on” I said, “It’s not funny, okay?” I plead, he look at me and after a while he manage to control himself and stop laughing. “Let’s go” I said when I see his laugh end.

“Where?” he titled his head confuse because of my sudden statement.

“You said you want to come with me”

“Wait here” he said, walks in and grab his bag, “Heechul-hyung!! I’m leave” he shouted.

I can hear a hurried footstep after Sungmin shouted to his brother, and I a while, his brother come to his side and holding his shoulder, “Where?” he ask him protectively. He looks at me closely and said, “You go with him?” Sungmin nodded his head. “You! Take care of him” I nodded my head. He look at Sungmin again, “Don’t come home late, Leeteuk and I will go home at afternoon, don’t turn off your cell phone and if something happen call me, we will go home quickly” hmmm… what a very protective older brother.

“Yes, umma…!!!” he pouted, “We leave…” he grab my hand and drag me away from his house.


Normal POV

Ever since that day, Kyuhyun always come to Sungmin’s house or vice versa. They are very close now, wherever you saw Kyuhyun, you will saw Sungmin except when Kyuhyun was working. They always hang out together. Kyuhyun already know about Sungmin’s family, his half brother Kim Heechul and Heechul’s boyfriend Leeteuk. Sungmin also close with Ahra, they even always spend time together when Kyuhyun is working. Their feeling also got deeper, Sungmin and Kyuhyun can’t take their eyes off of each other, always remembering about each other even they always call each other just to say ‘good night’ or ‘have a nice dream’

Until one day, Kyuhyun bring Sungmin to some place with just the two of them. “Kyu, where are we going?” Sungmin ask curiously.

“Thant’s a secret” He guided Sungmin to get into the car. They drive away from the town and stop on the side of the city. Kyuyun put blindfolded on Sungmin’s eyes, which make Sungmin to whine at him first but after a while, he finally can convince him to put the blindfolded on. They walk slowly to the small road, Kyuhyun hold Sungmin tightly, afraid that he would fall if he didn’t do it.

“Beach?” Sungmin said when he hear the sound of wave. Kyuhyun didn’t answer it, he just keep guiding Sungmin to their destination and after a few minutes, they stopped. Kyuhyun took off the blindfolded, revealing the table full with food and candle was around them. “Kyu?” Sungmin look at him confused.

“Sungmin… I want to tell you that I love you” Kyuhyun said looking at Sungmin eyes while holding both of his hand tightly.

“Kyuhyun I…” he stopped there, didn’t know what to say anymore.

“I love you from when we meet” Kyuhyun kneeled in front of Sungmin, holding his hands tightly, “Please… accept my feeling”

Sungmin hold Kyuhyun’s hand tighter, “I… I love you too, Kyuhyun”

Kyuhyun got up and hug him tightly. “Thank you for accepting my feeling…” he whispered on Sungmin’s ear which make Sungmin to nodded his head and buried his face on Kyuhyun neck.

Sungmin POV

Is it okay to accepting his feeling? I’m not an egoist, right? But I want to feel loved before– “Sungmin?” I snap out of my thought when I hear Kyuhyun call me.


“Are you okay?” he look at me, worriedly. Please, Kyu… don’t look at me like the was Heechul-hyung and Leeteuk-hyung do… I don’t want to make you all always worried about me.

“I’m okay, Kyu. Just tired” I lied… sigh… I feel bad for always lying to the person that I love so much but I just don’t want him to be more worried about me.

“Okay, after this we can go to a hotel and check in, beside its night already” I was about to protest but stopped when I see his worried look and I just nodded my head.

After eating, we go to some hotel and because the hotel is full, we just got one room. The situation feels really awkward when we come into our room and you know what, there was just one bed on the room and it mean that we have to share for tonight, “Mmm… do you want to take a bath first?” Kyuhyun said breaking the silence.

“Hm? No… I feel really tired. I just want to sleep” I said. I’m not lying this time… I really tired and really want to just lying my body on that comfortable bed and let the sleep to catch into me.

“Ok then, I’ll take a bath first” he walks in to the bath room, leaving me alone on the big room for myself, I lied my body on the bed and look at ceiling. I look around the room and feel really curios about this room.

I get up from the bed and start to explore the room; this room is so nice… I walk to the window and open the curtain. Woa!! They even have the balcony… I close the curtain again and when I was about to walk to the bed, I feel my head hurting. It’s hurts so much, I try to grab my bag where my medicine is but before I can take it, I fall hard. My head bump to the floor. Aarrghhh…. It hurts….!!!

“…K-Kyu…” I tried to call him but I can barely hear my own voice. I tried to crawl to the bathroom but I feel my head splitting and everything goes dark.


It's looong~~~ woah.... finally it finished....
comments are always apreciated ^.^

Thank you for reading ^^
See you on the last chapter *wave hand and vanished like a ninja*


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Dec. 20th, 2010 09:48 am (UTC)
UNNIE~~~~~ WAH! I AM FIRST AGAIN<3 OMONO~ Even Ahra tot sungmin was a girl? And What hapened to sungmin?1 Why does he hv to take meds? And bcos of wat they baby him? The suspense is killing me.... Kyuhyun confessed to sungmin~ Yay!!!! Sungmin~ NO! *runs to phone to call the ambulance* MINNIE!!! Must save minnie!!! UNNIE! Please update soon......*pouts* and adds *puppy eyes* Pweaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssseeeeeee~ With a sungmin on top~ *uses whining voice~*
Dec. 20th, 2010 01:02 pm (UTC)
I will revealing that on the last chapter *smile evilly*

Yea!! call the ambulance!! we have to save him ^^
I'll try to update it asap!!
Dec. 20th, 2010 10:26 am (UTC)
urgh...juz found tis fics...
KyuMin is juz cute together, but wht happen wiv Min, is he okay...
dun kill him pleasye...beg you for a happy ending... <33
/waitin patiently 4 d next chappie.
Dec. 20th, 2010 01:03 pm (UTC)
I'll try to make a happy ending ^^
Dec. 20th, 2010 07:13 pm (UTC)
wuah yay you´ve uplaodit :D!!

wuahahah even Ahra thought that Sungmin was a girl XD!!
woah sungmin was going to prove that he is a boy like this 8DDDD!?!?!?wuahahaha so cute when he got embarassed XD!!

kyu is such a sweetheart for piggyback sungmin home x3!!
kekeke luckily minnie forgot his bunny in kyu´s house 8D!!

uiii now they are together *_____*

b-b-b-but what is with Minnie O.o!? wuaaaaah I hope he will be okay DX!!!Kyu come out and help YOUR minnie!!!he needs you now !!!
give him the medicine and call the ambulance!!!~

pwease make a happy end!!!

hahah honestly I can´t believe that only 1 chappie is left XD!! this is so freaking good!!

update soon again!!~

Dec. 22nd, 2010 03:41 am (UTC)
happy ending??
I don't know, i still figuring out what's the best for the story ^^
Dec. 21st, 2010 02:44 pm (UTC)
LOL, Minnie was unconscious and kyu didn't know. Ohh.. Does Minnie have a sickness that nobody knows except teukchul? Yay~ kyumin got to know each other better!! Woah!! Minnie fainted again! Kyu, quick, help him
Dec. 22nd, 2010 03:42 am (UTC)
You got it ^^
Apr. 30th, 2011 08:54 am (UTC)
nice .. but am already feeling bad for both of them *tears*
May. 2nd, 2011 01:02 am (UTC)
*pass you some tissue*
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